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The ACMS system is the most comprehensive cataloguing software available to manage your collection.

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Tel: 0845 120 8142 or
020 8287 2987 (office hours)
Mobile: 07983 380436

State of the art

The ACMS  systems are the only systems in the World where the system can be automatically changed into different languages when actually being used 

The ACMS is easy to use, very powerful and can be used on Mac, PC, on a cloud server and local and remote networks


Overview screen to sell collection at a glance

The ACMS has an overview screen to show the whole collection at a glance showing recent items added, items by status, by property and by category


View records by images, lists, detailed records etc

View records by many different ways including by images, image thumbnails, lists, slide shows etc and produce detailed collection and summary reports


Powerful searching and sorting

Powerful searching in many different ways, store comprehensive details for each item with multiple images and attach documents. Store different values, expenses, attach documents, generate QR codes and track changes


ACMS has many additional features

The ACMS has many additional features such as user defined fields, keyword searching on the internet, ability to send emails of items, store multiple selections, store details of contacts etc.

Benefits of the ACMS system

* Easy to use with menus

* Available for Mac, PC, Cloud servers, tablets and

  mobile devices

* Manage multi-property collections

* No file size restrictions

* Different levels of security

* Multi Currency

* Contact Management

* Powerful Search Facilities

* Multiple images for each item

* Keep details of all expenses for each object

* Examine Image facility

* Quick Response (QR) codes

* Complete range of Reports

* Save Search selections

* Links to external files

* Record items at Restorer, For Sale, Sold & Exhibited

* Historical values and log changes

* User defined fields

* Customisation and data conversion available

* Also available in French, German & Italian

* Available in other languages upon request

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